we will discuss “15 video ideas to hook your followers on YouTube” which will take your youtube channel to the next level.

Day by day traffic is moving towards videos. earlier it was text. the trend for search is also changing from text search to voice search

Being on the Internet is no longer different, but something mandatory for those who intend to undertake. Traffic sources, however, are going through a great transformation.

If before the sites and blogs were the most responsible for the engagement of users, currently one of the formats that have been highlighted is the video.

According to YouTube, they have almost a third of the total number of people connected to the Internet, being more than a billion hours of video every day. But to follow this trend it is not enough to produce in large quantities but to know the best video formats capable of generating better engagement or commitment and attract more followers.

In this post, we will give you 15 ideas of videos with interesting formats, which bring positive results when applied in the correct way.

  1. Collaboration
  2. Tutorial
  3. You live
  4. Questions and answers videos
  5. TAGs
  6. Vlogs
  7. VEDA
  8. Video class
  9. Tips in general: applications / movies / series
  10. Interviews or videoconferences
  11. Use your talents
  12. Review of products/services
  13. Retrospectives
  14. Reacting to
  15. Favourite of the month

15 video ideas to hook your followers on YouTube

Step by step method to create a profile on YouTube

There are several ideas of videos in formats that allow a good engagement on YouTube. But before putting to work, it is necessary to have an exclusive channel within this platform.
Therefore, if you have not yet created your channel, we offer you a very intuitive step by step to follow:

Access YouTube with your email account

Access to YouTube is free. Everyone can watch public videos, upload their own materials and create their own channel.
To do this, access your YouTube account using a Google email account. It can be your personal email or another one created for that specific purpose.
You don’t have one yet? Well, then you can create it in a matter of minutes.
The process is very fast and intuitive, it is enough that the user enters his name, surname, date of birth, a telephone number for sending the access code and that’s it! The account will be created and ready to be used.

Create an exclusive channel

By default, YouTube users do not necessarily have a channel within the platform, since these are optional creation.
If your goal is to share videos within the platform, create a channel and choose a name.
Remember that the name of the channel should reflect the essence of your business, as it will be one of the first information seen by users.

15 video ideas to hook your followers on YouTube

Upload the video

YouTube allows all users to send their videos easily and quickly. Simply click on the arrow icon on the homepage of your channel and select the file you want to share.
You will need to fill in the basic information of the video, such as title, description, bookmarks and others that are requested.
Once your video is published, you can monetize it with the advertising display, through programs such as Google AdSense.
But before monetizing you must gather 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch hour.

Now that you have created your channel, you can start thinking about video formats to win and hook your followers.
Watch these 15 video ideas that attract a lot of attention on YouTube. Select those that have more affinity with your business model and especially with your audience.
(Do not you understand well what are the tastes of your audience? Find out with our post that teaches you to trace the profile of your buyer person ).

15 video ideas to hook your followers on YouTube


One of the ideas of videos that generates a great commitment to social networks is Collaboration. This is a video produced in partnership with other YouTubers that act in areas related to yours.
The production of videos in partnership with other market players is one of the best methods to hook new followers to your channel. This is explained because the collaboration will allow them to appear on both channels, which will make your followers know a new channel and vice versa.
Although there are no rules for a Colab. it is important to always invite YouTubers who speak to a profile similar to that of your audience, as they are more likely to have an interest in your channel because they have similar tastes to your audience.


Another audiovisual format also widely used is the tutorial. As the name implies, videos in this format teach some technique or knowledge.
Tutorials vary by topic and complexity.
A video teaching how to do a hairstyle, for example, can be very short and with less dialogue and more action, while a video that shows how to do a watercolour painting requires a more detailed approach.
When choosing the theme of the tutorials it is important to take into account the characteristics of your channel, your market niche and your level of knowledge about the subject of the video. In the end, the tutorials should be objective videos that allow the development of the task without major problems.

3. Lives

Lives are live broadcasts that can happen at any time.
This is one of the most practical video ideas since they do not demand editions after the recording of the material.
During lives, it is possible to present events or products and chat with followers.
In that format the personality load is greater, generating more engagement on the part of the followers.
To be prepared when making lives, it is important to always have available and functional equipment and, in particular, a data package that supports the transmission in order not to compromise the viewer’s experience.

4. Questions and answers videos

To exploit the videos of questions and answers it is necessary, first, to collect the questions with the followers.
Many people who follow YouTube channels leave public questions in the video comments. Taking these questions and creating answers can be a great way to show the brand’s interest with its followers.
Another way that allows you to get questions is through the use of your social networks. You can make posts on Instagram, for example, and report that the questions left in a particular post will be answered on your YouTube channel.
So you can even take your followers who are only on one of your social networks to know your YouTube channel.

5. TAGs

Day after day new videos ideas are emerging. One of them is the TAG, an interactive video that aims to strengthen the closeness between the YouTubers and their followers.
The term TAG was used to categorize a video from its keyword in order to facilitate the search of users in the directory.
But recently, TAGs are used as a kind of editorial line for videos, such as telling a personal story, making a challenge among friends, answering questions, etc.
One of the examples is the TAG 50 things about me.
In the video recorded for that TAG, the YouTuber must quote 50 things, strange or not, about his personality. But, again, it is essential that you choose the TAG taking into account the type of content that your audience has an interest in consuming.

6. Vlogs

what is vlog?

The Vlog is practically a blog, only in audiovisual format.
The channels that decide to use this format create a series of videos showing day-to-day moments, virtually without editing.
Without a predefined frequency or a shipping obligation, it all depends on the day of the YouTuber and the things you want to show your followers.
Vlogs are ideal for displaying racks of important events, such as participation in events or product launch.


The VEDA (Vlog every day April / August) differs from the traditional Vlog because of the periodicity.
Anyone who agrees to make videos in this format available to their public must upload material every day of the months of April and August.
The format is the most suitable for people who want to teach something, such as the benefits of playing sports or dieting every day, for example.

8. Video clips

For those who are looking for video ideas with high engagement or commitment power, the video class is one of the most suitable formats.
Unlike the tutorials, which are fast and objective, the video classes are more didactic. With this format, it is possible to learn any subject, such as playing an instrument, drawing and even repairing household appliances.

Because of the increased demand for alternative forms of learning, video classes are gaining more and more space in the audiovisual market.

If you want to benefit from your knowledge, for example in the area of languages, try offering part of your content for free and invite the viewer to know your complete course on an EAD platform of your choice.

9. General tips: applications / movies / series

When we are going to buy something in the market or even watch a movie, it is normal for us to seek other people’s opinions about that product or service.
The ratings and comments help us make a better decision, as they are based on real experiences with that item.
You can take advantage that people have an interest in this type of content and record videos by giving recommendations. They can be tips on movies, books, applications or even on consumer goods, such as cell phones and computers.
Because it is a video that will form opinions, it is essential that the advice is sincere and that the evaluation takes into account the pros and cons of the product you are recommending.

10. Interviews or videoconferences

Inviting another YouTuber to make a collab is excellent for attracting new followers. The same goes for interviews and videoconferences.
Those are video models that allow people to offer a good debate, even who does not have a channel on the platform.
Interviews can be with famous people, knowledgeable about a certain topic, or even ordinary people, such as the channel’s followers, provided they have knowledge that is relevant to who is watching it.

11. Use your talents

If you play, sing, draw, a good idea may be to make a video showing that talent in practice.
What counts is creativity when producing the video. The more authentic and personal, the greater the engagement.

12. Review of products/services

Unlike advice videos, product and service review videos focus more on the usability and shopping experience of a product or service.
They can be done independently or in association with a brand. In both cases, your opinion must be sincere and true, that is, you never recommend to your followers something that you yourself would not use.
As much as this model helps you earn money in the short term, it can harm your credibility in the face of your followers and sacrifice future business opportunities if you recommend something that is not really good.

13. Retrospectives

Most people like retrospectives. This because they allow you to review everything that happened important for a month, semester or year.
Television, radio and print media already use retrospectives to communicate with their clients and viewers. So why not use this video idea on your YouTube channel too?
Gather everything that happened during the year, the most important events, and create a specific video to discuss these events. Engagement tends to be high and the chances of the video going viral rise.

14. Reacting to

In the video reacting to, YouTubers say what they think about a certain event, event, movie, etc. It can be about something in your past, like photos, or about other people, like celebrities.
For that content to stand out, it is necessary to select the most significant topics and be quick in the publication of the video Favourites of the month.
Those looking for video ideas that can be put into practice frequently, this is one of the best formats.
In videos with favourites of the month, YouTubers make a list of products, services, applications, events, movies or trips, for example.
But attention! Only the best should be listed within the selected time interval.

15. Start producing your own videos

You must have already noticed that there are several ideas of videos with very interesting formats that can help you get the engagement of your followers and increase the reach of your channel. Ideally, now, you start exploring this type of content as soon as possible.
Regardless of the video format, you choose to do, it is always important to consider your audience, to create content that pleases your audience.
There are several factors that interfere when recording a video for YouTube, one of them is the lighting.

These are “15 video ideas to hook your followers on YouTube”. video idea is same as vlog idea or vlog topics.

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