How To Become A Successful YouTube Blogger: 10 Tips For Beginners

Today, being a blogger is fashionable, interesting and even profitable. We talk about those nuances that you need to consider in order to become a popular YouTube blogger or youtuber.

If friends are delighted with your makeup, photos or design of a new apartment, and you are happy to share your secrets with them, then you should definitely think about the career of a YouTube blogger. But for beginners, the question usually arises: where to start? After all, making videos for yourself and for a wide audience are two completely different things. We share life hacks to help you become a successful video blogger from scratch.

1. Topic or Theme

Start by deciding what you want to tell your future audience. A good channel topic should meet three rules: it’s interesting to you, you understand this, it’s interesting to other people. If you are far from Ayuverda and the principles of proper nutrition, then you are unlikely to be able to captivate your potential audience by devoting your channel to this topic, even though the topic of a healthy lifestyle is now very popular. Tell us about how to correctly invest money if you are well versed in the modern economy, or share your own life hacks in applying makeup, if you are able to work miracles using makeup products. And, of course, it’s worthwhile to think in advance about whether your chosen topic will be interesting to viewers. It’s beneficial to do, for example, reviews of popular video games or film premieres – this is always true,

Iren Vladi, a popular beauty blogger (more than 370 thousand subscribers) and the author of the Iren Vladi Secrets beauty and personal care channel for women, told us about how she created her channel: “The attention of a female audience can be won only by topics that Excite and interesting to each of us. Hairstyles, makeup, cosmetics, personal care, shopping, home improvement, cooking, secrets and useful tips for life – I found my audience precisely thanks to these topics. This is what is sincerely interesting to me myself. And I just started talking about it. Further, on the principle of “similar to similar”, girls began to subscribe to me, whose interests coincide with mine. ”

If a specific topic does not occur to you, but you want to start shooting a video, then there is another effective way to attract the attention of an audience. Namely – to catch the information wave and the topic that everyone is discussing. And some bloggers know how to PR well on public scandals or shocking news. However, you need to understand that if you choose this path, you will constantly have to delve into someone else’s dirty linen or look for sensations only in order to keep your subscribers.

2. A concise name and clear description

Choosing a name is also very important. After all, often it is on it that users decide whether to study the content or scroll further the search results. Remember: whatever you call your ship, it will sail. An overly long or elaborate name isn’t suitable for creating a channel. Remember the names of popular brands – Apple, Tesla, Dior – they are simple and easy to remember. If you plan to promote it yourself, then you can call the channel your name, and if you rely on interesting topics, focus on this. The channel description should also not contain unnecessary and unimportant information. Most often, a couple of sentences are enough to convey to the audience what they see in your videos.

3 Highlight

Come up with your own chip that will distinguish you from others. Imagine how many same beauty bloggers already exist. If you, like many others, just talk about new cosmetics, then you risk being lost in the background of more interesting projects in this segment. You must have some zest that emphasizes your originality. Some bloggers even collaborate with designers and stylists who select a unique style for them. But your chip may concern not only the appearance, but also the musical or graphic design of the video. Come up with an original splash screen, a music box, an interesting greeting, or an unusual clip structure. That’s just with the music you need to be careful: many compositions are protected by copyright, so choose those which are laid out in the public domain. YouTube is actively fighting the illegal use of other people’s music. The videos of bloggers who remain deaf to these prohibitions are removed from video hosting.   

4 Scenario and duration of clips

Professional bloggers even script for two-minute videos. Some paint the plan in seconds: which frames, and in what sequence should appear. This thoughtful approach will be useful to you if you want to create an interesting channel with high-quality content. There is no consensus on timing. It used to be that the ideal video duration was 3 minutes, but now many bloggers often shoot videos that last 10-15 minutes on average. This is the average timing of the videos that Ekaterina Trofimova, better known as blogger Katya Klap, posts on her TheKateClapp channel (more than 6 million subscribers). Entertaining videos and answers to questions from viewers last a little more than 5 minutes, and vlogs (video diaries) and broadcasts sometimes exceed 20 and even 30 minutes.

5 Technical points

Of course, many top bloggers use professional cameras and microphones. However, if you have a flagship smartphone that provides high quality audio and video recordings, use it. This is the best option for beginner bloggers. Avoid extraneous noise or remove them using special programs. Good lighting is also important. When you shoot indoors, you can use ordinary white light diode lamps, photo umbrellas or home-made foil and cardboard reflectors. Professionals sometimes use LED panels and softboxes. Start to master video editing programs (Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro and others). For beginners, Video Montage is also suitable, which has a simple and intuitive Russian interface.  

6 Regularity

This is an indispensable component of the success of any famous YouTube blogger. Create your own timeline for new videos. Some bloggers advise announcing the release date and topic of the next video at the end of the video. So your subscribers will know when to expect a new series. When planning your releases, you can use the infographic, which is available on social networks. On it you can see user activity on different days of the week and time of day. So, for example, you should not release new episodes on pre-holiday days, weekends and holidays, because there is a decline in activity. Many people prefer to spend this time with family or friends, go to parties or walk. A more successful solution would be planning the release of commercials on weekdays – an increase in activity is observed precisely with the beginning of the working week. Suitable time for publishing a video is from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. or from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Time from 18.00 to 19.00 can also be effective.

7 Feel free to ask for help

When preparing videos, it will not be superfluous to consult with others. For example, you can ask the opinion of your friends – they know you well and can give practical advice. After posting the video on your channel, ask them to subscribe to you, as well as share the video with friends. And in general, do not neglect the capabilities of social networks – be sure to share the links to your channel in personal accounts on Facebook, Vk, Twitter, etc. While you do not have your own PR agent, you will have to do your own promotion yourself. If you are ready to invest in cheating subscribers and views, you can use special services. But remember that these services can help you only in the first stages. And then, when the real subscribers and viewers come to you – will they stay or not,

8 Words and Hashtags

Using popular words in the video description, you can raise your channel in search engines. SMMs are advised to use services such as Yandex Wordstat or Google Adwords. With the help of them you can find out how often a particular word is found in user searches. By the way, the YouTube channel using the most common words can be promoted even better than the site. After all, it is the video that pops up the first line in the search engine. Hashtags are also one of the most effective means of promotion on video hosting. Using them, videos are grouped by topic – by clicking on a specific hashtag, you can see all the videos in the description of which it is contained. The words “new”, “trend”, “interesting”, “food”, “competition” and “cheers” are on the list of the most popular hashtags on YouTube.


A blogger needs to love his audience and constantly communicate with her, because YouTube is an interactive platform that allows you to constantly be in touch with the viewer. Listen to your channel’s subscribers. Read comments below your videos and answer questions whenever possible. Feedback from the hero of the video always helps to increase popularity. Focus on their interests and advice: sometimes ordinary viewers can tell a topic for your next video or interesting places in the city, movie premieres, festivals or cosmetics, for which you can make reviews. 

There is no need to be afraid of haters – those who do not like your videos. You are not 100 dollars to please everyone. “Remember, when your channel becomes popular, interesting to others, there will certainly be people who don’t like it. Criticism is inevitable here. Constructive criticism helps to develop and grow even more. This is an incentive! Destructive criticism is an indicator of success. And you need to take it with a laugh and a smile, ”says Katya Ilinykh, host of the KatyaWorld beauty blog, which has over 250,000 subscribers.

10 Collaborate with other bloggers

At the very start it is worth cooperating with novice bloggers. Focus on the target audience and choose those who shoot videos on similar topics. It is almost pointless to negotiate a collaboration with a blogger who reviews Warcraft if you’re talking about landscape design ideas for your summer cottage in your videos. After you find blogs with which you can have a common audience, negotiate with the authors. Let them talk about you in their videos, and you mention them on your channel. So you can increase your popularity. The more subscribers and views on your channel, the more well-known bloggers you can agree on mutual advertising. 

If you responsibly approach the creation of commercials, then gradually your channel will develop, and the number of subscribers will increase. After some time, you will have a chance to make money on advertising. For example, turn on the monetization function through the YouTube affiliate program or find direct advertisers.


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