What is Vlog?

vlog also is known as a video blog or video log.

exactly constitutes a vlog (short for video blog) is rather vague because many people have their own definition. According to Christian (2009: n.pag.), it is “many things, and different things to different people, but most broadly it is an expression of a self”.

Vlogs represent footage of a single speaker talking directly into the video camera, usually with no other person in the video and usually without any signs of another person’s presence in the location of taping. After the taping and optional editing, the video footage is uploaded to a video hosting Web site on the Internet.

A vlogger is the main speaker in a vlog and prototypically the owner of the channel the vlog is uploaded to.

Before the Internet, when someone wanted to express themselves on camera they had to be the protagonists of their own talk show on television … like Ellen DeGeneres. Now, anyone can have their own ‘program’ but on the internet and produce it, publish it, market it and even monetize it!

While some vloggers post-one-take, raw scenes in front of the webcam, other vloggers upload edited video, consciously selecting excerpts of conversational footage, and add soundtracks, openings, endings, and other video snippets that are not necessarily conversational but that accompany, illustrate, or color their monologues.

vlogs are videos in which vloggers sit before the camera and talk to their imagined audience. This static setup is no longer the default vlog format. Some YouTubers film throughout the day or for the duration of a certain event to show the viewer what they are doing. These vlogs are sometimes referred to as daily vlogs because certain users film and upload one of these vlogs every day. What both types of vlogs have in common is that the vlogger addresses the viewer. vlogs are “a form whose persistent direct address to the viewer inherently invites feedback”.

What differentiates them from other videos on YouTube that address the viewer (such as tutorials) is that they seem to have less of an explicit objective, apart from entertainment and socializing. To vloggers “the main purpose of their vlogging activity is to communicate with other people through this medium”.

It may seem odd that vloggers use a monologic form to communicate with their audience, especially because vloggers are often spatially and temporally removed from their viewers. Computer-mediated communication is not the most prototypical form of interaction “but it does display the intrinsic features of interaction”. Duman and Lochner (2008) focused on the video exchange as conversation metaphor in their research of (monologic) presidential campaign videos by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

This metaphor is partially created by the position of the candidates in front of the camera, which mimics face-to-face interaction (Duman & Lochner 2008: 202). In addition, according to Linell, monologues are never “entirely mono logical; they are also bound to specific contexts, purposes, interests, concerns, and commitments”.

Perhaps because of these interactive elements, vlogs are a popular genre. Using a sample of 1,000 popular videos, Burgess and Green investigated what type of content is uploaded to YouTube.

Vlogs are not a genre that is exclusive to YouTube. In theory, they can be uploaded to any website, but vlogging is “an emblematic form of YouTube participation”.

Monologues are characterized by a lack of active audience participation in the sense that no immediate contributions to the interaction are to be expected from them. This is true for vlogs especially, since the asynchronous, one-directional channel chosen in this genre precludes any immediate participation of the viewers. The culture of YouTube, however, values communication between its members, with YouTubers frequently asking for feedback of any kind on their videos.

YouTube videos can be embedded inside other webpages, such as personal blogs. Users can choose to play the video in full-screen mode.

Vlog or video blog or video


  • Do I have a passion or hobby?
  • Could you consistently create stories related to this topic?
  • Do I like to share my thoughts with other people?
  • Do I have a point of view that is entertaining, informative or motivational – or all of the above?
  • Do I feel comfortable talking on camera (or could I get to that point)?
  • Do I have ‘good eye’ for photography and video?
  • Do I have the patience to sit in front of the computer for many hours (editing)?
  • I like to edit videos? Or am I good at learning new programs?
  • Do I know about digital marketing and social networks?
  • Will I be able to hit the publish button?

A video blog or vlog is not an easy task. Always carrying the camera and recording full time may be sometimes irritating if you are not so much interested in it. apart from recording editing is also a time-consuming activity.

so if you want to try your luck on vlogging then be ready for the above paragraph.

one more aspect I would like to discuss is money. it takes a whole lot of time and hard work before you start earning from the vlog.

Vlog or video blog or video

Guinness World Record

As of 7th May 2015, the world record for the most consecutive daily personal video blogs posted on youtube was 2200 vlogs and was set by YouTuber Charles Trippy on his youtube channel ‘Internet Killed Television‘.

Day by day new vloggers is joining youtube. if you want to be one so don’t delay as competition is growing very rapidly.

I hope you like our article on ‘Vlog or video blog or video log’. To know 100+ youtube video ideas click HERE



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