YouTube network for the small creator;

If you have a YouTube channel, you may have heard about “ YouTube Networks ”; They may even have contacted you some, but there is a lot of confusion about these companies and most of the channels sign a contract without first knowing correctly what they can do and what they cannot do for you.

There are some things that many YouTubers don’t have as clear about youtube networks, what are they? What do they do? What don’t they do … .. And of course, the question that many have. Should I enter one of them or not?

So in this post, I want to explain to you in detail what youtube networks are, so you can make the best decision for your YouTube channel. 

By the way, the idea of ​​making this post came from a question in the Private Facebook Group for YouTubers and Bloggers.

What are the networks?

The Networks or MCN (Multi-Channel Networks) are companies external to YouTube but are affiliated with it, and are dedicated to grouping channels to offer various services, in exchange for a payment that is usually a percentage of the profits of those channels

When a YouTube channel is affiliated with a network, all ad earnings from that channel are paid directly to the network, and this is responsible for transferring the payment to the Youtuber (Taking your agreed payment percentage).

Do you need to be affiliated with a Network?

Before starting to explain what youtube Networks do it is super important that you know that you do not need to be affiliated with one to be part of the YouTube partner program, that is, to monetize your videos and earn money.

Any YouTube channel can register with Adsense, link its YouTube channel to its account and start earning money, regardless of the number of subscribers, views or whether or not it belongs to a Network. So if you were looking for a Network because you want to make money with ads on YouTube, you can actually do it yourself.

Update 2018: Youtube changed its policy. channel with 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers can apply for monetization.

Also, all YouTube channels can contact the Creators support team and get help if there is a problem with their channel. In my experience, it is true that when you are a member of a Network they have direct contact with the people of YouTube so they take a little less to answer them, but if you do it on your own they should not take more than a few days/weeks to respond to you.

What do networks do?

Many YouTubers think of youtube Networks as companies that hire you as a channel to make videos and pay for it, which I don’t think is a good way to describe it. As I would like you to see it is that in reality you as a YouTuber are hiring the services of this company and paying them monthly with a percentage of your earnings.

Each of these networks of channels is different and they offer their members different services, but in general, here I will talk about the most common offers and some points that you should keep in mind. Not all networks offer the same, so some of these points may not apply to some or offer you something else that is not on this list. 

Advice for your channel:

Many youtube networks have teams of people who know a lot about YouTube and what are the best practices of the platform, so they can advise you with what to do and what not to do with your channel.

There are some youtube networks that speak directly with you to analyze your channel in a personalized way, while others send you a document with some recommendations that advise all your channels.

Again speaking of my own experience, when you enter a network of channels with thousands and thousands of affiliates, it sometimes becomes a little more difficult to receive personalized advice, especially if your channel has few subscribers (Obviously I do not talk about all, but it is something quite common).

If we take into account that you are paying the network with a percentage of your earnings, you have to consider how much this percentage is. Are they a few dollars a month only? How much work could they invest in your channel in exchange for that amount?

In most cases, the more money you give monthly to the network, the greater the personalized attention they can provide.

Royalty-free music library:

Some networks offer their affiliated channels access to a music library and sound effects that they can freely use in their videos.

(In case you don’t know, you can’t use music that is not royalty-free in your YouTube videos. Click Here)

This is a good resource for affiliate creators, but if you do not want to join a network you can also buy a subscription to a music library (There are many options on the internet, some even free) or download from the YouTube library, in fact, all I download the music that I use in my videos.

You don’t really need to be affiliated with a network to have copyright-free music, but it’s a good bonus if they have other benefits that interest you.

Video production:

Some networks may offer you to produce your videos, so for a part of your earnings, they record and edit your YouTube videos. This is a service that not all networks offer (or not all of their affiliates) but it is a good option if they offer it to you and you do not have the equipment (Cameras, microphones, etc.) or if you prefer that someone else take care of this work.

It is not so common for networks to offer video production services, so if you want to do it on your part you can hire someone who produces a video or you can also learn to do it yourself (At first it seems medium-difficult but I promise you that with the practice you get the wave).


One of the points that most interest us as YouTubers when a network contacts us is the profit of our channel and how to increase our income. In fact, many channel networks use this to convince channels to join their youtube network.

The company could offer to propose to advertisers to make paid collaborations and earn money from these sponsorships. This is a good option to get in touch with brands and earn more money with your videos, which is a somewhat difficult step to take if you are working alone.

Now, the bad news (Oh yes, there is bad news) is that the keyword is “propose” to work with brands, so the decision depends on the brands and agencies; if they like your profile, if your channel is a good option to advertise and sometimes how much audience or followers do you have.

If your channel has a good number of subscribers or if your audience is a super-specialized niche, with the help of a Network you could access contracts with brands that might otherwise be more difficult to negotiate on your own; but if your audience is still super small, they may not be able to get you many sponsorships.

Collaborations with other YouTubers of the Network:

An advantage of joining a network is that some of them offer to contact YouTubers who are also affiliated.

Collaborating with other YouTubers is always a good idea since the two channels can exchange followers, create different content and also meet other content creators.

If you are not looking to join a network, you can contact other creators directly to collaborate with them. Some of my collaborative videos have literally emerged from subscribing to channels and commenting on their videos or following them on twitter and interacting there.

Higher CPM (I mean more money from Youtube)

The way to make money through YouTube is not a secret, but it is true that there is a lot of wrong information circulating on the internet about this process. The reality is that you do not earn money for the number of subscribers, the number of likes in a video … it is even more for the number of views.

YouTube does not pay money for uploading videos, but it does share a portion of what it earns from ads with which we upload videos. You may have seen ads when you watch YouTube videos, there are rectangular images that appear at the bottom just above the video, other squares that appear next to the video and there are also some videos that appear at the beginning or at some point, both that can be skipped like those that can’t.

The brands pay YouTube to put their ads on the different videos, so depending on the number of ads that appear in your videos is how much money you will receive (Other things are also counted as if the visitors clicked or if the ad skipped, but in a nutshell that is the process). 

The acronym CPM stands for “Cost Per Thousand” meaning how much a thousand views cost (These are the views of the ads, not your video). So if you are a brand that wants to put your ad on YouTube you will have to pay a certain amount for every thousand views that this has.

What interests us to those who upload videos to YouTube is the RPM which means “Revenue (Revenue) per Thousand”, which is the amount you receive as YouTuber for every thousand monetized views that your video generates. The monetized part is very important because not all of your visitors will appear ads. There are people who use an ad blocker and other times when there are no ads to show on your video because there are no advertisers paying to put them.

Ok, ok … but is being on a network going to generate more ad money?

Mmmmmm… Maybe, but not necessarily.

As we saw at the beginning, you alone can start monetizing your videos, so you would already be in the program that will put the ads that are already on YouTube. If being within a Network you have the same ads as YouTube, then it would be generated the same as being alone with Adsense.

Now, there are some networks that negotiate with advertisers directly to place ads on their affiliate channels. So the channels that have these exclusive ads will earn more money than they were earning before joining.

Should I join a Network?

This is something that many YouTubers are wondering since they receive invitations from some of these networks of channels or have heard about such and such YouTuber are in one in particular.

This is obviously a personal decision based on what you think is best for your channel. Having said that … I want to give you my personal opinion haha.

A LOT of people sign contracts with a network of channels without first analyzing. Why do I want to join a network? They are attracted to the idea that their channel will grow and have many subscribers and visitors or earn a lot of money, but a network cannot assure you that your channel will be a success by itself.

In my opinion, you should not join a network if:

  • You have never monetized your channel:

If you upload videos frequently but have not yet created an Adsense account and linked your channel, the first thing I would recommend is to register and start on your own, before considering joining a network.

  • You are monetizing but have not received more than $ 100 per month (This is the minimum for Adsense to send you a deposit):

If you have already registered with Adsense and are monetizing your videos but your earnings still do not exceed the minimum 100 dollars to receive a payment, then I would first recommend growing your channel a little more. 

If you are not generating enough, you will most likely have to accept the conditions and the treatment that the network offers you without being able to negotiate about the future of your channel.

What if I want to join a network?

If you think being affiliated with a network is for you, then I recommend the following:

  • Question:

Ask them all the questions that you think are convenient or that arise, remember that the most important thing is to be sure of what you are getting into. And make sure everything is in writing so that there is no confusion with the proposal.

  • Investigate:

If you have doubts about how this or that works or there are some things that you don’t have clarity about something on YouTube: Google it. 

It is much better to have the information of everything yourself because no one can sell you cat for a hare as they say here in Mexico haha.

  • Talk to other channels:

Who better to tell you what it would be like if you join the network than other channels that are already affiliated. Then send one email to ask about the network.

  • Check several options:

Just as when you are going to buy a new cell phone and compare all the options, check what the different networks offer. Even if a network does not contact you directly, surely on their website they have some means of contact to ask them what are the things they offer if you are interested in joining and so you can make a better decision.

  • Read the contract:

Before signing anything, read the contract. Yes, I know, it’s too long and boring and you probably don’t want to spend the whole afternoon reading, but it’s the FUTURE OF YOUR CHANNEL. So treat it as something important.

Many networks are from other countries, so if the contract is in a language you don’t speak, ask to have it sent to you in English. Do not sign if you do not understand.

Make sure you are completely sure you understand everything in the contract and if something does not seem like it, say so. If you see that there is a clause that you do not agree with, you have every right to refuse to sign it or to negotiate a better agreement.

If you have more doubts you can ask a lawyer to check your contract so you can make the decision in a more informed way.

I hope this guide has helped you understand what youtube networks are and decide whether to join one. Please leave me a comment with some suggestion of post, because that way I can know what are the topics that interest you

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